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3d print scale and ruler by thewerefox 4 hrs ago
Micro Bench by cnorth 3 days ago
Mini Benchmark by Gophy 5 days ago
Tower of Torture Test by technobabble Jun 10, 2017
Support Material Benchmark Torture Test by SeaTurtle22 Jun 4, 2017
3B4K Filament Sample Tester EGG by Oaytekin Jun 3, 2017
Simple, fast benchmark egg for testing filament examples. by Oaytekin May 24, 2017
Overhang angle calibration benchmark test by johnmazz May 22, 2017
Benchy Coral Head by HoffmannT48 Apr 9, 2017
Splinter Thingy by piercet Mar 18, 2017
CHAINZ test your 3d printer! by thewerefox Feb 25, 2017
M8 Nut and Bolt by bradyhoover_designs Feb 21, 2017