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Enclosed Microscope Slide / Chip Case by Chemist 2 days ago
Open Source Nutating Mixer by jpearce 5 days ago
3D-paired DNA by gringer Sep 14, 2017
VT96 tray by Munfred Aug 30, 2017
Vial Holder by cszikszai Aug 24, 2017
Plant Xylem Structure Model with frame by Mwm100 Aug 21, 2017
Rotating Pipette Holder by ML_SYD Aug 17, 2017
Tube Lock for 1.5ml and 2ml Eppendorf Tubes by ML_SYD Aug 17, 2017
Cold Block for Freezer Reagents by ML_SYD Aug 17, 2017
Multi-Color Cell Model by MosaicManufacturing Aug 15, 2017

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Ultimate PCR Tube Rack (OTRYEN) by Chemist Aug 7, 2017
Microscope Slide Storage styled on Sir Sherrington's Histology Box by akshay_d21 Aug 1, 2017