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Custom Bowden Carriage w/ dual LED's by Mchaos 6 days ago
Bracket for mounting RichRap's Greg's geared Bowden extruder to RigidBot (or any 0.75 inch square-tube frame) by nabzim 6 days ago
Bowden mount W/ LED Anet a8 by Mchaos Jun 20, 2017
Compact mk8 bowden extruder by wensz Jun 18, 2017
Black Diamond Bowden E3D v5 Hotend for 45mm X-Rods (Anet A8) by carlymx Jun 16, 2017
Tarantula bowden by Hiero124 Jun 16, 2017
P3 Gold (Prusa) - Black Diamond Bowden E3D v5 Hotend by carlymx Jun 14, 2017
Bracket for Folgertech FT5 by AaronMerric Jun 12, 2017
Feed motor mount for Anet A8 (bowden) by Lykon Jun 11, 2017
Bowden for Micromake D1 by born_to_kill Jun 11, 2017
Lukestruder - The E3D V6 bowden mount for prusa i3 (A8) by lukeskymuh Jun 6, 2017
Anet A8 Bowden Extruder Mount by Lykon Jun 6, 2017