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Bowden tube holder by JoannaK Dec 20, 2011
Ultimaker Wade's Accessible Bowden Bracket by stcredzero Dec 19, 2011
Modified emaker huxley wade bowden connector part by Roboteernat Dec 15, 2011
Emaker Huxley extruder drive with marker holders by Weldingrod1 Dec 5, 2011
Bowden cable clamps for Techzone Huxley. by DeuxVis Nov 27, 2011
Bowden Clamp for Ultimaker (Heater End) by owen Sep 25, 2011
Ultimaker BowdenFeeder Repair Kit by mechadense Aug 17, 2011
Mini Wade Extruder by Roboteernat May 10, 2011
remote extruder with flexible drive shaft by goaran Feb 23, 2011
Microextruder for geared stepper by whosawhatsis Dec 4, 2010
Makerbot Cupcake Bowden cable adapter by michthom Aug 25, 2010
Printable push to fit bowden nut-couplings by Erik Aug 12, 2010