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Parametric Roman Chain Mail by Bikecyclist 2 days ago
Parametric Chain Mail by Bikecyclist 3 days ago
Micro Plate Mail by The_LAB Dec 10, 2017
Fabric Mesh by Hammer79 Nov 20, 2017
new chain mail mesh by silverdelta14 Nov 19, 2017
chain mail by jeebs08 Jun 14, 2017
Customized Chain Mail for my Lulzbot TAZ6 by TinWhiskerz May 5, 2017
Hana-Gusari Chain Mail by donaldplante Mar 27, 2017
Hana-Gusari Mail 4x4 by donaldplante Mar 27, 2017
Easy-To-Print Simple Fabric Weave by KikiTay Jan 15, 2017
Hexagonal Chain Mail Interlocking Patterns by lgbu Dec 21, 2016
Four feet of Chain mail one print by Herblergerbler Nov 29, 2016