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Skyrim Golden Dragon Claw by BrokenHeart3d 1 hr ago
Solid MeArm remix of RobotGeek 9G gripper by colinza 5 days ago
Microtech Eagle Claw by The_LAB Aug 15, 2017
Fursuiting Claw by LeiLeiSvines Jul 20, 2017
PVC in place of an inch Screen by shivinteger Jul 17, 2017
Parametric Servo Gripper Lego Brick Set by MechEngineerMike Jul 4, 2017
The Clarm - Fully Modular Helping Hand by vinjegaard Jun 18, 2017
Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm by MrBoyle Jun 6, 2017
Print-in-Place Robotic Gripper by XYZAidan May 8, 2017
Raptor claw by RileyJackson Apr 30, 2017
Finger Claws by Tobin Mar 14, 2017
EZ Print Modular Robot Arm by Gear_Down_For_What Mar 4, 2017