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CR-10 Cold End Support by Stuartmp Sep 16, 2017
E3D V6 cold end blower fan adapter by rossgve Sep 14, 2017
The YABA by FilamentCorner Jul 25, 2017
Minimalistic extruder for CTC prusa i3 by Thimov Jun 6, 2017
Improved Compact Bowden Extruder, direct drive 1.75mm (6mm fittings) by Coffea May 7, 2017
Compact Direct Drive Bowden Extruder by youssefaly97 Apr 22, 2017
[V1 NEEDS WORK] ANET A8 Hinged Extruder Cover by MiddletonMade Apr 16, 2017
Kodama Trinus E3D v6 mod v2 by vat_pom Apr 7, 2017
Kodama Trinus E3D v6 mod v1 by vat_pom Mar 18, 2017
XYZ Printing daVinci Jr 1.0 - Stock Hotend Compact Mount with Silent/Quiet Part Cooling Fan by kr15_uk Mar 6, 2017
BUFFSTRUDER by Bufftea Feb 12, 2017
40mm fanduct for chinese clone E3D ( diameter 23mm) by Lorenzo1995 Feb 11, 2017