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Plate with bearing for guiding lead screw by Llaurik 6 days ago
Mistborn Steel Alphabet: Zinc, Brass, Copper, Bronze by Jake_CG Apr 5, 2017
copper spinner by jackisasavage11 Apr 4, 2017
Small Steampunk Lamp by FroiDeMaker Mar 19, 2017
Dominion Box (Card game) by Miklbr Feb 17, 2017
Turnigy 9x Range Booster by SaKes Dec 26, 2016
Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Mesh Ball Holder Thingy by vernonk Dec 14, 2016
Mickey Ring by MultiTransHub Dec 13, 2016
18650 holder for e-bike and other projects by PowerPlayground Nov 14, 2016
Coin Cell Switch by Shacksandbeans Nov 14, 2016
Viking Crucible Mold by Snorri Nov 3, 2016
Water Powered Flashlight, Medelis Battery (free energy) by Medelis Sep 27, 2016