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Alan Grant's Raptor Claw by SagaWorkshop 2 days ago
Arlo standing on a rock by Gunnar86 6 days ago
Triceratops by ASLLEXICON Jun 12, 2017
Tyrannosaurous Rex Terrain Tiles by melabam Jun 12, 2017
The Ergosaurus Rex (Poppy Ergo Jr with T-Rex 3D printed parts) by poppy_project Jun 8, 2017
Fossil Stand by Sabacc Jun 7, 2017
Orc War Triceratops for Scavengers Wargame by mgleite May 30, 2017
T-Rex Skull with Rock base by AdryJay May 23, 2017
Mashup-Rex by edditive May 14, 2017
Marko the Dinosaur by RekiPa May 9, 2017
T. Rex Easy Print and Glue by QuickbeamX May 9, 2017
Welkom dino (dutch for welcome) by mountennier May 5, 2017