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CR-10s Direct Drive stock extruder by yotabeast505 1 day ago
HICTOP Direct Planetary Drive by shocker828 4 days ago
Planetary Extruder by shocker828 4 days ago
Extruder direct drive adapter for TEVO Tarantula by Granitoid 4 days ago
Lil Chunky - Remote Direct Extruder by SvnoyiWaya Mar 4, 2018
CR-10 Stock Direct Drive Conversion by hpiz Feb 28, 2018
ExcessFlo - dual drive extruder by RotaryDesign Feb 26, 2018
CR-10 Direct Drive extruder with integrated RSE-2 by stmorgan Feb 26, 2018
CR-10 direct drive extruder with OEM Fang by gunnar94 Feb 22, 2018
E3D V6 Mount with Fan Duct and Sensor Holder for CTC Prusa i3 Pro B by schmidtm69 Feb 19, 2018
40 mm fan holder to duct fan for A8 i3 bowden or direct drive by kitesurfzone Feb 19, 2018
CR10 Direct Drive Mount by elitewill1200 Feb 19, 2018