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Ultimate Prusa Print Head (Modular) by Inventech 2 days ago
Direct drive motor guide by brisinger 5 days ago
Direct drive prusa i3 E3D 608zz bearing by pablorosario 6 days ago
E3D Titan Aero mount for Rostock Max V3 & V2 by Tincho85 Jun 21, 2017
GEEETech I3 E3Dv6 + Bltouch + Direct Drive by ciui69 May 25, 2017
Anet A6 Extruder Prototype bowden & direct by Bomber0 May 22, 2017
Digital caliper extruder calibration tool by Georg_cz May 21, 2017
Tevo Tarantula Dual Direct Drive Extruder with sensor and 50mm radial fan ports. by sj_baird May 18, 2017
prusa i3 - body for hot end, feeder direct drive and bowden adapter by lipki May 11, 2017
Model of MK8 direct drive extruder with Nema 17hs8401 by Vo_Van_163 May 5, 2017
Bowden to direct hotend plug by thecadman99 May 3, 2017
E3d V6 and Bl Touch Clamp by AustenT May 3, 2017