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Geared Extruder Direct by ThalesHolleben Nov 28, 2017
GEEETech i3 Alu - body for hot end, feeder direct drive by lipki Nov 23, 2017
E3Dv6 Holder V4 - Direct to Bowden Adapter by MarceloAMS Nov 21, 2017
E3Dv6 Direct drive for Anet A6 include CAD model by semeivan Nov 20, 2017
Excentric pull for Direct drive extruder for Wilson or Prusa i3 rework by Alex18881 Nov 17, 2017
Tarantula Titan X-Carrier 3Wheel by Heronidas Nov 12, 2017
Anet A8 Direct Feed E3D Carriage Mount by CobratronicGB Nov 6, 2017
Cyclops-Chimera Mount for 2 Nimbles on an original D-Bot and the 3-Wheeled X-Carriage by printingSome Oct 8, 2017
Modified vertical Tevo Tarantula X Carriage by EasyEJL Oct 4, 2017
Simple E3D Titan Carriage for Tevo Tarantula by wallyTHEgecko Oct 2, 2017
Tevo Tarantula Titan X carrier reinforced by Heronidas Oct 2, 2017
Direct Drive by Troldtoft Sep 27, 2017