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Soporte para hotend JHEAD y extrusor directo by ortega78 3 days ago
HEVO Mount for the Nimble and a V6 by ZestyTech Oct 14, 2017
Extruder for a cheap chinese I3 Clone by morxw Oct 4, 2017
Modified vertical Tevo Tarantula X Carriage by EasyEJL Oct 4, 2017
RepRap L25 by PaulQuentin Sep 27, 2017
Direct Drive by Troldtoft Sep 27, 2017
Hybrid Dual Color Single Hot End Extruder by 3D_Toys Sep 24, 2017
extruder by brunoschoofs Sep 23, 2017
Prusa Steel AKA cordobesa Adapter for infill 3d direct extruder by Alejf Sep 16, 2017
Anet A8 Titan E3D V6 direct extruder attachement by lenne0815 Aug 26, 2017
direct extruder - mk7 gear - E3D v6 - 1.75 filament by raziber Aug 17, 2017
FLEX BOWDEN DIRECT EXTRUDER FOR MK8 by c_e_martinez Jul 23, 2017