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Michael Burnham badge lithophane by rmichelbr 4 days ago
Star Trek Discovery: Spore Drive Canister w/ LEDs by AndrewSink Feb 6, 2018
U.S.S. Discovery by Brickwizard Jan 25, 2018
Find My Planets - Guessing Game (Battleship style) by relicae Dec 12, 2017
Remix chariot gauche de Z122 : Palpeur déporté by Erebius Nov 28, 2017
Star Trek Discovery Tricorder by trekcolencc1701 Nov 28, 2017
USS Discovery by fernandolima Nov 6, 2017
Land Rover Discovery I Cover for Window Switch 3Door Panel by YCH Oct 25, 2017
Phaser from Startrek Discovery with removeable smaller phaser (Easy Print) by security0051 Oct 16, 2017
Roanoke: The Lost Colony // CROATOAN Tree by derailed Oct 7, 2017
Star Trek DIscovery ALL BADGES - full (combined) or with attachment by mmakaj Oct 5, 2017
Star Trek Discovery - Insignia Badge - Command, Operations, Science, Medical, Special Troops by CityAperture Sep 27, 2017