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Raise3d N2 plus dual flexible filament replacement extruder cap piece - fully constrained for flexible filaments by galaxyman7 3 days ago
Dual Extruder Y-Adapter by bardatwork 4 days ago
Inov 3D Flower Power Quad by mujin 4 days ago
Tevo Tarantula Dual Direct Drive Extruder with sensor and 50mm radial fan ports. by sj_baird May 18, 2017
Tarantula Top Dual Z - mod by Wodzu May 10, 2017
Cow's Dual Bowden MK2 (for Prusa i3 Mk2 clones) by SuperMechaCow May 9, 2017
BIONICLE Nuva Cube Dual Extrusion by fastslash25 May 9, 2017
NERD Batman Logo by danielp18 May 6, 2017
Niko dog (multi-color version) by cipis May 6, 2017
5mm lower head for the Mark2 dual extrusion for ultimaker2 system by UltiArjan May 5, 2017
Pen mount for the Mark2 dual extrusion system. by UltiArjan May 5, 2017
Anet A6 Double Mosfet-Mount ( no drilling ) by frool May 5, 2017