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FLSUN Cube X carriage restyling for dual extrusion extruder by spocky 3 days ago
G3DK Projekt by GaryK47 Oct 16, 2017
Ghostbusters Logo - Dual Extrude by RileyJackson Oct 15, 2017
Prometheus style 4-in-1 Color Mixer by Japim Oct 15, 2017
Ball in a Box Dual Extrusion by Chemist Oct 13, 2017
Ducati logo keychain by dgTECH3D Oct 6, 2017
Sphinx X Carriage with Slotted Ring Duct for Tevo Tarantula by JunkYardDawg Oct 6, 2017
Jack Skellington Bust Dual Extrusion by Mentum Oct 4, 2017
Dual extruder compatible with Prusa i2 and Prusa i3 by cmorell8 Oct 2, 2017
Anet a8 soporte extrusor bowden by JonaDesign Sep 27, 2017
Hybrid Dual Color Single Hot End Extruder by 3D_Toys Sep 24, 2017
NEMA14 triple geared bowden extruder by 3D_Toys Sep 24, 2017