Things tagged with 'dual_extrusion'

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Stuart the Rabbit (multi-color) by cipis 9 hrs ago
Side Table for IKEA Solvinden by Marco3D 20 hrs ago
KobayashiFigetCube with Fillet on edges by mnewberg 1 day ago
Multi-Colour Jig Bracket/Joint by sarf2k4 2 days ago
Sheep (multi-color) by cipis 2 days ago
End cap by stopka 4 days ago
Striped snake (multi-color) by cipis 4 days ago
Dual E3D Mount by jimwin1 5 days ago
2:1 Dual Extrusion Y-splitter by DeepfriedchriL May 22, 2017
Dual Extruder Y-Adapter by bardatwork May 22, 2017
Homer Simpson head (multi-color) by cipis May 20, 2017
Striped lizard (multi-color) by cipis May 20, 2017