Things tagged with 'dual_extrusion'

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Simple two colored Candy Cane by Toxic_ion 2 days ago
Piranha Plant Multi Color by jawolff 3 days ago
Discoeasy200 - tete d'impression Compact double filament avec capteur BLTOUCH -V1.1 by KSEF81 3 days ago
Test cube by cifero 4 days ago
Stormtrooper Helmet with football stripe by tculpepp 4 days ago
Mighty Mixer (multi-color) by cipis 5 days ago
Tessa the Pony (multi-color) by cipis Nov 16, 2017
Power Pusher (multi-color) by cipis Nov 16, 2017
The Dual Rook - 3D printer Benchmark by BCN3D Nov 15, 2017
Grand brother of Bulbasaur by 6Maker Nov 14, 2017
Bulbasaur with Dual Balance by 6Maker Nov 13, 2017
Dual Bondtech BMG Mount (openbuilds plate) by Intenna Nov 12, 2017