Things tagged with 'dual_extrusion'

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Dual/Multi Material Santa Hat Bottle Topper by ucdmoo 1 day ago
Dual/Multi Material Chinese New Year Rooster by ucdmoo 1 day ago
Tumaker Voladora V2x2 E3Dv6 upgrade by dgeral 2 days ago
Anycubic acryclic i3 dual (up to 4) bowden extruder stepper mount by hanshogeland 2 days ago
Kraken Mount for Prusa I3 by FunkyItalian 3 days ago
Dual extrusion Valentine ring by marlequeen 3 days ago
Playing Card Box by empoman 4 days ago
CHIMERA Support with Fan Duct by LaBidouille 5 days ago
Bathtub boat (multi-material remix) by cipis Jan 13, 2018
3D dual torture Test by 6Maker Jan 12, 2018
Dual ProStruder Mount for Rostock Max v3 by TimStough Jan 9, 2018
Multimaterial vault boy! by Laminae Jan 4, 2018