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Michigan State University MSU Fridge Magnet by mcfada Dec 9, 2017
Printrbot Dual Extrusion Project: Hardware by Simulatedbog545 Dec 9, 2017
Low Poly Cuddling Cats! (Dual Extrusion) by shfqrkhn Dec 3, 2017
dual color y -prometheus DIY by mihatomi Nov 26, 2017
The Dual Rook - 3D printer Benchmark by BCN3D Nov 15, 2017
Ball in a Box Dual Extrusion by Chemist Oct 13, 2017
Hybrid Dual Color Single Hot End Extruder by 3D_Toys Sep 24, 2017
Detroit Red Wings Logo Magnet by mcfada Sep 21, 2017
Detroit Lions Logo Magnet by mcfada Sep 18, 2017
HOMES Michigan Great Lakes Magnet by mcfada Sep 16, 2017
d-bot Mk8 dual extruder carriage by squa1kb0x Aug 26, 2017
Dualstrusion Test by runner409 Aug 21, 2017