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3D Printed EC Probe Hydroponics Aquaponics by AquaponicsLab 20 hrs ago
SimpleSumo- Educational Fighting Robots! by MechEngineerMike 5 days ago
Larynx Model in Parts by viktor3d Oct 6, 2017
Fun science: Auxin-binding protein by ToFe Oct 4, 2017
Multiplication puzzle V2 by JustinSDK Oct 4, 2017
Compact Hanger- Percha compacta by diversidadimpresa Sep 26, 2017
Deflection Truss by Calvin_SDState Sep 26, 2017
Blind cane sphere protector- Protector para bola de bastón de sordociego by diversidadimpresa Sep 26, 2017
Toothbrush holder for Deaf-Blind people- Vaso para cepillos de dientes para Sordociegos by diversidadimpresa Sep 26, 2017
Fun science: B12 - Icosahedron by ToFe Sep 22, 2017
Paddle to the Sea by MrFairbanks Sep 20, 2017
Learn To Play - Tabletop (Board Game) by b1sh0p Sep 17, 2017