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Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3 and Creality CR-10 by PukinDog 33 mins ago
Flexible Magnetic Strip Insert Holder by drwatson6 2 days ago
DIY RCA audio inputs with volume control to banana plug outputs module by simplyflipflops 4 days ago
Parametric LEGO Enclosure Customizer by paulirotta 4 days ago
Vacuum tube (9 pin) prototyping board enclosure by simplyflipflops 5 days ago
Strong Spoolholder by Maxdarkdog 5 days ago
4-Channel Relay Module Case by Beni595 6 days ago
Enclosure SMD-based geiger counter with SBT11 / SBT11A tubes by impexeris by glassy 6 days ago
Raspberry Pi 3 Case by adamwdraper Sep 17, 2017
Case for Nordic nRF5 DK by stellarinnovation Sep 17, 2017
2020 Enclosure/mount for smoke/gas detector FC-22/MQ135 by WalterSKW Sep 17, 2017
Door Lock For 3030 Extrusion by Nedalive Sep 16, 2017