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GUST - i3 print cooler (Plus model, maybe others?) by WaveSupportApparatus 3 days ago
Printrbot Simple Metal Cooling Fan Duct by minimalistventures 4 days ago
Extruder Enclosure for i3 A8 Badass DiggityDank MK8 Carriage by sh0tybumbati 5 days ago
Dan's Titan Aero Radial Fan Mount by swapsCAPS Oct 11, 2017
Wades L3K - Adjustable Radial Fan Mount (for Anet A8 Fan shrouds) by C_Cheetos Oct 8, 2017
Custom fan shroud for Sunhokey prusa i3 2015 by 3D-Printer-Adventure Oct 5, 2017
Prusa MK2S Fan-Nozzle by htgani Oct 2, 2017
Asrock C2750D4I 60mm Fan CPU Shroud by hnzxdv Oct 1, 2017
Triple Fan Shroud for Anet E10 by Jacks-3D-Printing Sep 30, 2017
MP Mini Select 3D PLA 40mm Fan Shroud with Clip by itsmefrosty Sep 29, 2017
Anet A8 Airflow 360 Inlet by theMEANone Sep 27, 2017
30mm fan guard by Sajmonn Sep 22, 2017