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Simple Spinner by mads811 6 hrs ago
Fidget Spinner by derproberto 9 hrs ago
FIDGET SPINNER with 3d printable bearings by thewerefox 13 hrs ago
Fidget Spinner Lego Cap by mmoore0 16 hrs ago
Oakland Raiders Fidget Spinner - Wingnut2k by wingnut2k 16 hrs ago
Fidget Spinner with Tri and Quad Versions by mmoore0 17 hrs ago
Tri-Arm Fidget Spinner by Banana_Science 21 hrs ago
Quad Fidget Spinner (with 8 M5 nuts and ceramic bearing). by mc0676 21 hrs ago
SPINNER COFFIN - Accommodating the Death of Fidget Spinners by baschz 22 hrs ago
Lego Spinner Cap by arturacm 22 hrs ago
Fidget spinner by Syzguru11 1 day ago
DIY: Simple fidget spinner by VECTARY 1 day ago