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Twisted Pole - Single Extruder by bugman_140 2 days ago
Fidget toy by AlexGalcik 2 days ago
Customizable Trapped Sphere by skitcher 4 days ago
Fidget Flex by Trimineman 4 days ago
Texture Cube - A fidget cube with no moving parts by thread 6 days ago
R188 fidget spinner by mikeymakesit 6 days ago
Fidget spinner by plavan Nov 12, 2017
Fidget Cube by TheProfessorCuber Nov 12, 2017
Multi Color Spinner - Racing Stripes! by mikeymakesit Nov 12, 2017
Turtle Fidget Spinner by carolmdieter Nov 11, 2017
Staircase Puzzle Fidget Puck by TheFisherOne Nov 11, 2017
Christmas Spinners by Zippitybamba Nov 10, 2017