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Fidget spinner by SpaceWaffles 8 hrs ago
Filament Holder Anet3030 by feijoada15 12 hrs ago
Spool for filament samples by fitpit 13 hrs ago
Labeled Sideparts for Masterspool - Twist and Lock by Quoomi 15 hrs ago
Bottle Opener - Filamentworld by filamentworldDE 18 hrs ago
Kamm - Filamentworld by filamentworldDE 18 hrs ago
Vase - Filamentworld by filamentworldDE 19 hrs ago
FilaSense - Filament Runout Sensor by nekronomekron 21 hrs ago
Westinghouse WFD100W Extension Drum by setesh82 1 day ago
TUSH - The Ultimate Spool Holder with V Rollers by wkarraker 1 day ago
Robo C2 R2 PTFE Filament Guide Tube Clip by ROBO3D 2 days ago
Filamentworld Tester by filamentworldDE 2 days ago