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Strong 0.2kg Filament Holder by 99BBrewer 7 hrs ago
Heat Tower Test by Goggen87 14 hrs ago
Optical Filament Runout Sensor by Aurion55 20 hrs ago
Prusa I3 Mk2/S Filament guide and light holder by mikebourgeault 2 days ago
Pre-Filament Guide by ZJM3DDesign 2 days ago
Thumb of Fate Extruder Indicator Dial by EmmaLovelace 2 days ago
Replicator 2X Extruder Upgrade for Flexible Filament by mangojelly 2 days ago
Simple 1.75 mm Filament Spool Clip by ronniebelmar 3 days ago
Bowden Filament Cleaner by derabsbg 3 days ago
Spooler holder with bearings by HansvK 3 days ago
Cabinet Mounted Spool Holder by Athruz 3 days ago
FilamentDRYER_SpoolHolder_(BD) by barrettdent 3 days ago