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Spool Holder Bush (For 56-57mm or 2.2" center hole) by Deju 4 days ago
Super-Simple, Compact Filament Stand by BlitzTachaano 4 days ago
IKEA STUVA filament guide by ikarisan 5 days ago
Filamentfilter (Fischertechnik) by Michelix 5 days ago
Filamentrolle mit Lenkung by Michelix 6 days ago
4mm-4mm OD PTFE Teflon Filament Tube Coupler / Joiner by TiagoDNC 6 days ago
3 mm filament clip by otmar 6 days ago
Fast printing filament spool roller using 608 bearings. Designed with M3D in mind. by Mandarin125 6 days ago
Filament cleaner by Naralex Oct 12, 2017
Tweezers by th3code Oct 12, 2017
3030 Extrusion and Haribo Filament Guide by MIKEYMCC Oct 11, 2017
Compact filament spool winder MK2 by FrancescoF Oct 11, 2017