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5 Gallon Bucket Platform for Filament Spools over Dessicant by ScruffyRasputin 13 hrs ago
Jumbo Prusa i3 Spool holder by ScottyMakesStuff 1 day ago
Kaisertech Filament Spool Holder for M8 Screws Anet A8/A6 by Niclas756 2 days ago
Spool Hanger by tuxamito 2 days ago
Ender 2 Spool Holder by Ente246 2 days ago
Filament holder - Ø52/8 by inadrimax 4 days ago
Anet A8 filament wheel by Leoallen 4 days ago
Wall Mounted Spool Holder by 3DPrintNOVA 5 days ago
Yet another customizeable universal filament spool holder (again) (with ball bearings) by Jafix 5 days ago
SPOOL HOLDER by Rico_3D 5 days ago
Filament holder for the UM3 spools by MakeKu Jan 7, 2018
Spool holder by rfr2009 Jan 6, 2018