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Tevo Tarantula Spool Holder ON THE TOP (NO SCREW NEEDED) by abcd4976 4 hrs ago
Filament Holder by trkmml 19 hrs ago
Monoprice mini 608 bearing holder for upward filament load by Bolivian86 1 day ago
Cheap Filament-Roll-holder for one or more rolls by Minihawk 2 days ago
Spool Holder for Anet 3D printer by Flyfisher 2 days ago
Filament spool holder by Demethan 2 days ago
small universal filament spool holder -- works also for full/new spools by eldoberino 3 days ago
Anet A8 horizontal spool holder remix by puckilie 3 days ago
Filament Spool Bearing using 6mm airsoft by joesturge 3 days ago
45º Bar holder for Ikea Micke corner workstation by skorpia 3 days ago
Anet filament holder roller shaft by rjcuomo1 3 days ago
Spool holder (modular) base/clamp (for CTC and others) by brainwash 3 days ago