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Support multi bobines by Baroudeur 2 hrs ago
Filament hanging hook by topeban 4 hrs ago
Spool holder for Prusa i3 6mm & 10mm frame by kacpe8r8 5 hrs ago
Spool holder 2020 alu profile 1-2 kg spools by kacpe8r8 5 hrs ago
1Kg spool holder for little printers (can be printed on 100mmx150mm print area) by xTremePower 6 hrs ago
Spool Holder for Creality CR-10 by lppicture 14 hrs ago
Customizable Filament Spool Holder by makerbc 18 hrs ago
Tevo Tarantula Braced Spool Holder by Fred42 1 day ago
Horizontal Spool Mount (customizable) by heyharvs 1 day ago
Smooth rolling Spool spacer for 1/2" PVC or similar by Slipnslidemn 1 day ago
CTC i3 Filament holder - easy to print by Akantor47 3 days ago
Universal spool holder V2 by Robine 3 days ago