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Shallow Leviton Light Fixture Base by 8ran Nov 9, 2017
LED Strip Fixture for Prusa Mk2S (non-restrictive) by SubSite Oct 9, 2017
Anycubic Prusa i3 Base mounting fixture by Quas7 Jul 31, 2017
M18 Rear Sensor Mount/Fixture for Anycubic Prusa i3 X-carriage by Quas7 Jul 31, 2017
Anet A6/A8 Threaded Frame Mount/Clamp, Upgrade by Area51 Jun 20, 2017
Printable Pin for a CD/DVD Disc by codeholic Jun 4, 2017
Veritas Style Bench Dog for Woodworking - Fits Festool MFT Wolfcraft Black & Decker and more. by samella Apr 21, 2017
Machine Drawings for Jigs and Fixtures by eashwarps Mar 21, 2017

Educational Thing

Lipo Fixture for Eachine QX95 by s_kuellmer Mar 20, 2017
Coat Hook by butch_cowich Mar 2, 2017
Audience Blinder light keychain by citruspers Feb 27, 2017
Graver Sharpening Fixture by zombie8inc Feb 2, 2017