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Direct Drive on UMO+ by ninjapsycho Mar 12, 2018
OPENRC F1 Deep Groove Rain Tires for MRRF2018 by Palmiga Mar 11, 2018
Wanhao i3 Extruder Upgrade by JanEriKKa Mar 4, 2018
Aurora A3 Flexible Filament Guide by iBigNTastyi Mar 2, 2018
Custom paint roll made with flexible filament eFil by 3Dfils Feb 28, 2018
Small Spool and Spool Stand by Beckman13 Feb 26, 2018
SFLOOPY The Smoothiest Alligator by ELRAZ Feb 23, 2018
Motorbyke Air Entrance by Bomber0 Feb 22, 2018
Rubber stamp made with flexible filament eFil by 3Dfils Feb 22, 2018
Flex filament adapter for Mk8 extruder for Monoprice Mini by Apek Feb 21, 2018
TPU Case for Ford Fob by TheNeverEndingPrint Feb 19, 2018
MacEwen3D MK8 Extruder Clamp for Ender 2, CR-10, Afinibot A31 by itrdc5 Feb 16, 2018