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Axe Pin! by WildRoseBuilds 1 day ago
'Bobblerz' by muzz64 1 day ago
Newton's Gravity Defying Puzzle by davidhaugs 3 days ago
Fidget Roller (rolling stick toy) by WildRoseBuilds 3 days ago
FUNNN!!!! Fidget Spinner by thewerefox 3 days ago
Finger Board Series #2 by jwetherill 4 days ago
FIDGET SPINNER with 3d printable bearings by thewerefox 4 days ago
Bowtie ( clips on to button ) by TK3DPrinting 6 days ago
Aero Prop mini factory by AndresVH Jun 18, 2017
Sparkler Holder by muzz64 Jun 16, 2017
Portable Ping Pong Kit by ChrisFerenceID Jun 16, 2017
Snap Together Pliers by JamesThoro Jun 16, 2017