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Modular Math Gears by UMF3D 2 days ago
Fidget gears - fixed top layer by mer2329 2 days ago
Spring propelled Catamaran - Reoriented files ready to print by localgost 3 days ago
Simple Gear Oil-Pump by LiVe2sNiPs 4 days ago
Gearset by Steeve3d 5 days ago
Secret Lock Book by mrhers2 Dec 6, 2017
Parametric Planetary Gear Box by avoronin Dec 5, 2017
Slice gears by NOP21 Dec 5, 2017
Column Wave by AdamoRobinson Dec 4, 2017
Parametric Pulley Belt by Vivalize Dec 1, 2017
Wind Marble Machine by Zarlor Nov 27, 2017
The Geared Head of Feelings by reparator Nov 26, 2017