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Simplified Pythagorean Proof with Labels by Chemist 18 hrs ago
Pyramid Stacker by muzz64 2 days ago
Reuleaux Tetrahedrons by joeytk7 3 days ago
GeoConstructix - Geometric STEM Learning Tool by Teachingineering 6 days ago
geoplano (geometric plane for learning geometry) by 3DPRINTER_NOOB 6 days ago
Asymmetric Balanced Fidget Spinner: Penny, Nickel, Quarter by ehughes100 May 21, 2017
Curve of constant width by x20011 May 19, 2017
Parabolic Chess Set by bmattas2 May 7, 2017
BuckyFuller JitterBug V2 by ronaldxjt May 6, 2017
succulent plants five faces vase V2 by Kobebrain Apr 21, 2017
Geometric Tree of Life Flower Pot by Michaellynn Apr 17, 2017
Twirly Easter Egg by thomasasers Apr 16, 2017