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Bill Cipher Figurine by CHRIES 3 days ago
Gravity Gauge by CaptObvious 6 days ago
Gravity fed cat water dish by Joe_Snuffy Aug 25, 2017
"Rock-bong" Sleek Gravity Pipe by Gremble Aug 21, 2017
Pulley block (soft mount) for 7-8mm OD rope by MachineKing Aug 12, 2017
Gravity by Cromagnon Jul 12, 2017
Sawyer Gravity Bottle Adapter by imbrianj Jul 10, 2017
Sled mount for precision dial indicator by madebyCK Jul 3, 2017
Fossils Stuff FSGX210 Softmounts (motors) and motor feet by GRay_111111 May 20, 2017
Adjustable Coin Weighted Fidget Spinner by muzz64 May 20, 2017
QSN - 3D Printer Torture Test Art (Quasicrystalline Spin Network) by RWGresearch May 17, 2017
Fossil Stuff Gravity 250-280 35 degree camera mount by Tesla1963 May 15, 2017