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named keychain greg by fk462 Dec 12, 2017
Comfy Guilder for Greg's Wade Reloaded by dhoyt7141 May 28, 2017
40mm Fan mount to 30mm and hotend by AndrewMLG May 13, 2017
Night in the woods | Gregg by Rossi1450 Mar 31, 2017
Lulzbot Extruder Beefy Idler Block for Greg/Wade style extruders - Heatset Insert Edition by piercet Mar 15, 2017
Greg from Over The Garden Wall by Oaklandishh Nov 21, 2016
Simple and Ugly side fan mount by AndreaBruno May 11, 2016
E3D6 Variant 3.00mm filliament wade's reloaded extended height extruder by piercet Apr 8, 2016
1.75MM filliament Wade's Reloaded Extended height Hexagon Mount Extruder by piercet Feb 19, 2016
Filament Guide by mikeprusa Dec 6, 2015
i3V Dual Flexy/bowden by ImmersedN3D Oct 12, 2015
Parametric Belt Biggear for Wades extruder by mblaster Sep 3, 2015