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Bowden Bracket for Gregs or Wades Extruders by Stu_Dkn Jul 31, 2013
High Resolution Herringbone gears for Greg's Wade Reloaded extruder. by ronanwarrior Jun 2, 2013
Fixed Fishbone Gears (47/9 double helix). Wade-Greg-Jonas Kuehling extruder by EMG May 27, 2013
Greg's Wade i3 extruder holder by bepppppo Apr 11, 2013
bowden capable gregs extruder with adapters by nicksears Mar 27, 2013
A bowden geared extruder for Rostock - based on Gregs by RichRap Mar 11, 2013
General purpose extruder #4 by Wired1 Mar 9, 2013
F-adapter_Double_i3 by ifala Feb 19, 2013
Accessible Wade extruder pusher by laszlo Jan 2, 2013
bowden system based on wades (rostock delta and regular versions) by Petehagoras Nov 30, 2012
No-hob extruder by profezzorn Aug 13, 2012
Greg's Hinged Accessible Extruder With New Motor Mount by jsturm Aug 4, 2012