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V-Slot Hand Cutting Jig by pekcitron 4 days ago
Big Daddy Drill by woodrobot Oct 12, 2017
"Fist" of Fury, or Human Arm. Yea, that's it. by dricketts Oct 10, 2017
Abode of the Hand by kijai Oct 5, 2017
Partial Hand Prosthesis by ivomaric Oct 3, 2017
Phoenix Hand with springs by dejwm Oct 2, 2017
Finger (keyring remix) by jerry_nz Oct 2, 2017
Homemade Precision Press Drills DIY Drilling Rotary Wood Hand Tools Stand Cheap Drill Base by doitverything Oct 2, 2017
Devilman Hand (remix) by Marusya Oct 1, 2017
Fist helmet hanger by juanjrodz Sep 27, 2017
Moving Zombie Hand by Hobb3s Sep 25, 2017
Voronoi Hand by quirxi Sep 23, 2017