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Extended Externally Accessible Y Belt Idler with Tensioner by joshz Nov 13, 2017
HTD 3M-15. 24T idler pulley by alex_des Nov 10, 2017
GT2 Smooth Idler for 3,4 and 5mm screw (CNC and 3D printing) by 3D_PP Oct 31, 2017
Adjustable Y Axis Tensioner by Raetron Oct 29, 2017
Anet A8 custom X-idlers (in OpenSCAD) by 0scar Oct 12, 2017
Adjustable Idler based on F625ZZ bearings by WalterSKW Oct 5, 2017
tevo tarantula 2040 Y axis idler with belt tensioning by imrija Oct 5, 2017
Tronxy X3 Belt Idler by 1sPiRe Sep 30, 2017
HICTOP Y axis Idler Pulley Bracket V1 by Dakota76 Sep 18, 2017
Hexagon hotend idler by baboun Sep 13, 2017
Idler Spacer by ymc Aug 28, 2017
Prusa MK2 MK2S X-Motor Holder + Idler by wschadow Aug 27, 2017