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J Head mount with cooling fan for Prusa I3 by DonMarle 2 days ago
Duplicator I3 Plus E3D (near)Zero Offset Direct Drive Adapter by c0deater Apr 13, 2018
Semi-circular e3d/j-head fan duct cooler for Flying Bear P905 by locnhinho Mar 29, 2018
Dual Attachment J-Head for Delta Kossel Mini Printers by thewheelman282 Jan 15, 2018
Jhead click exstruder help by kttjdesign Dec 30, 2017
Anet A6 Hot End Mod 25mm x 32mm by JobSmolders Nov 25, 2017
D-bot E3D V6 3mm Bowden Hotend Mount with M12 Proximity Sensor by Cyrrus Nov 1, 2017
TronXY X3A E3D cooler with autolevel by leo69 Jun 27, 2017
Fibonacci Snap-On Fan Guard 40mm by 3d-dragar May 13, 2017
"Gunnozzle" 3D printer extrusion fan nozzle for V6 J-head type with square heat sink and 30mmfan (print cooler) such as Tevo Tarantula . design with built in scaffold by ConceptualmaN May 8, 2017
New Dual head extruder including height sensor and head adjustment height by ronenst Mar 8, 2017
Pieza estabilizadora hotend by gelollo Feb 9, 2017