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Mandelbrot Lasercut by maxy 1 day ago
Various Organic Structure Trivets cnc/laser by ZenziWerken 1 day ago
Plywood toy 'Mazda FOB' by DolganovDN 2 days ago
Furniture Montessori Gometric Cabinet and presentation tray for laser cutting by atamblay 3 days ago
Tessellated Dogs by RaviMeh 3 days ago
Grammar Set Montessori: advanced Symbols with box & templates of symbols an analysis sentences for laser cut by atamblay 4 days ago
little barrel box (laser cut) full wood by RaffoSan 4 days ago
1966 Ford GT40 simplified cnc/laser | with Interior by RC_Showdown 4 days ago
Tape Tower by spepin 5 days ago
DIY RC Street Racing Car: One Week Classroom Project by Banana_Science 5 days ago
perfume sample holder by BDflight 5 days ago
Laser Cut Parametric Organizer by trevis 6 days ago