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LED Torch with Li-ion battery by SimoneABNto Feb 22, 2018
Mini-Maglite AA wrist holder thing! by pshax Jan 22, 2018
Torch mount for Draeger and similar helmets by Cpt_Unstable Jan 21, 2018
IKEA KNÄRED LED torch wall holder by JeroenRuiten Jan 1, 2018
Led Torch by 3DLapse Nov 30, 2017
3D Printed HeadLamp (Long Lasting) by jayanthyp Oct 21, 2017
Minecraft wall torch by norbarth Oct 11, 2017
Swiss army knife style key holder (w/ knife, sim tool & flashlight) by atanasovgoran Sep 3, 2017
LEDLENSER charger cap by VikKon Aug 26, 2017
Batman Torch Converter (batsignal) by sacredjager Jul 28, 2017
Makita 10.8v 500+ lumen torch (BL1013, MR16/MR11/GU4 bulb) by gfwilliams Mar 7, 2017
Flashlight mount for bicycle, bicycle lighting accessories by mechheadd Jan 31, 2017