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Flex Box (Wooden box with living hinge) - Smaller, for 3x4" name badges by pamelafox 6 days ago
Cardboard Planters by drxenocide Mar 2, 2017
Toothbrush Case (Living Hinge Example) by Pentland_Designs Dec 30, 2016
Living Hinge FFF Design Proof of Concept by terratian Nov 28, 2016
Customizable Tesselating Living Hinge by drxenocide Aug 31, 2016
Living hinge by drxenocide Aug 25, 2016
Laser Cut Pencil Cup with Living Hinges by kbst Aug 13, 2016
Magic The Gathering Deck Card Box by GoRightAhead Apr 18, 2016
R_Chair Christmas edition by Yaroslava Mar 25, 2016
Decorative dodeca ball by ErnestoRealize Dec 6, 2015
Tablet Case (iRULU eXpro X1S) by Dmarc3456 Dec 3, 2015
Split Flap Display - Weather in one Hour by LUFTENSHELTE May 21, 2015