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Makergear M2 Bed Flatness Callibration cross-hairs 130x150 by swbluto Oct 5, 2015
Bed clip for MakerGear M2 printer by szabozsm Sep 29, 2015
A better Makergear M2 Z axis stop / stay by loiphin Sep 21, 2015
Makergear M2 Filament Guide and wire cover - modified by Ninjaneer Sep 7, 2015
MakerGear M2 Z Axis Spring Stop by MakerJay Sep 1, 2015
MakerGear M2 Dial indicator mount by nirfriedman Aug 31, 2015
Makergear M2 Sidemount ball bearing spool holder by farr0wn3d Aug 29, 2015
Ratcheting Z Axis Stay for Makergear M2 by MagicEngineer Aug 29, 2015
Hinge Style Fan Bracket for Makergear M2 by MagicEngineer Aug 22, 2015
Makergear M2 Shock System by slipshine Aug 9, 2015
MakerGear M2 rear cable harness guide by TimEdwards Jul 24, 2015
Z-knob stop for MakerGear M2 dual by TimEdwards Jul 20, 2015