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ReDuplicator i3 MK3x - Titan Aero Mount Piezo Remix by silvrswt 2 days ago
TUSH For Wanhao by wtmi1992 2 days ago
Simple Wanhao i3 v2 blower duct by WIR14 6 days ago
Cable Management Conduit Z brace kit Fitted by wallys440 6 days ago
bed level test by Eastbaypunk Mar 13, 2018
Wire Cover/cable shroud for Wanhao Duplicator i3/ Maker select V2 (Flexion Extruder capable) by wallys440 Mar 6, 2018
Wrench Holder (Wanhao i3 & Maker Select) by LemonDuB Feb 25, 2018
Filament Guide (Wanhao i3 & Maker Select) by LemonDuB Feb 25, 2018
Putty Knife Hanger for Select V2 by Cipio Feb 18, 2018
Filament Holder for Maker Select v2 / Wanhao Duplicator i3 by ndyrland Feb 15, 2018
LED mount holder for Maker Select V2 by Frank_Frankerson Feb 15, 2018
Thumbwheel Keeper for Maker Select and possibly other Prusa I3 clones by HardlyForeal Feb 15, 2018