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Maker Select V2 Dual MOSFET Mount by thejoester 2 days ago
Spool Holder Wanhao Di3 Plus (80mm) (maker select, cocoon create) by Leon_123 3 days ago
Part Cooling Fan for Monoprice Select v2 by Peter_Morrison 5 days ago
Maker Select/Wanhaoi3 LED Holder by midnightsmith May 12, 2018
Xtra Wide TUSH (The Ultimate Spool Holder) by heresjohnny May 3, 2018
Bed Leveling Knob by JaMaNder May 2, 2018
Maker Select/Duplicator i3 Spring Guide by JaMaNder May 2, 2018
Wanhao i3 Filament Guide by SnickerdoodleFP May 1, 2018
Maker Select V2 Tool Clip by thejoester Apr 27, 2018
Complete High End Wanhao I3 / Maker Select Corexy Rebuild (WIP) by Michaelwu21 Apr 25, 2018
Custom made M3 stud thermistor for Maker Select V2.1 and Plus 3D Printers by gulfcoast_robotics Apr 24, 2018
Maker Select Filament Guide by edgonzales Apr 23, 2018