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malyan m150 replacement idler pulley by redkooga Apr 8, 2018
Filament spool holder (Dévidoir pour Malyan m150) by Pedro51 Mar 16, 2018
Titan holder for Modular X-carriage by BogdanKecman Mar 1, 2018
Precision Piezo for Modular X-carriage Flex3Drive module by BogdanKecman Nov 20, 2017
CR-10 Control Stacker (Works also with Wanhao Dup i3,Malyan M150 and Monoprice Select) by DaakTwo Nov 19, 2017
Malyan M150 Leveling Nut Mod by capirurso Oct 30, 2017
Bed Levelling Label for Malyan M150 by Nate80 Oct 27, 2017
Malyan M150 Angled LCD Screen Bracket by Nate80 Oct 24, 2017
Monoprice Maker Select I3 Plus 200mm x 213mm x 6mm glass holder by Mauro_Gil Oct 3, 2017
REMIX JK Cooler for Malyan M150 and 50x50 Blower Fan by Schiksie Sep 26, 2017
[DON'T USE] Viki 2 LCD Mount for Duplicator i3 by TheAppleFreak Jun 13, 2017
Malyan M150 Firmware Update (Marlin 1.1.7) by deprav3d Jun 10, 2017