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All Metal Z-Brace for Maker Select Plus and Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printers by reprapchampion Jun 29, 2017
Viki 2 LCD Mount for Duplicator i3 by TheAppleFreak Jun 13, 2017
Malyan M150 Firmware Update (Marlin 1.1.3) by deprav3d Jun 10, 2017
All Metal Z-Brace for Maker Select V1, V2, V2.1 and Wanhao Duplicator i3 by reprapchampion May 22, 2017
JK Cooler for Malyan M150 and 50x50 Blower Fan by JKVelo May 14, 2017
Malyan M150 Z-Stop by BogdanKecman May 2, 2017
Malyan M150 Y Axis idler upgrade and belt tensioner by lucafx Apr 26, 2017
Malyan M150 LCD Angler for RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller by BogdanKecman Apr 24, 2017
Malyan M150 - SainSmart Flex Extruder Part by ps915 Apr 22, 2017
Axis Caliper Alignment Jig by Antscran Apr 9, 2017
RAMPS Holder for M150 by BogdanKecman Mar 24, 2017
Malyan M150 Filament guide/ filter by hartk1213 Mar 2, 2017