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Snap cube, Kawai Joint, Interlocking, Math by lgbu 18 hrs ago
Twisted CosSin Lamp Shade by witho 3 days ago
Calculator Stand by Yeah_Bob 6 days ago
Abstract Branch by Kmansuri 6 days ago
Multi-part stellated icosahedron by OpenScadDad Nov 11, 2017
Printable Menger Sponge (4th iteration) by maltazzar Nov 10, 2017
Fractal superhelix set by NathanMajernik Nov 6, 2017
3 dimensional math exercise by dietervdf Nov 4, 2017

Educational Thing

Borromean Vase by Dizingof by Dizingof Nov 3, 2017
Circular Pattern from Islamic Tessalation by UMF3D Oct 30, 2017
Apollonian Cone by UMF3D Oct 30, 2017
Mobius Band and Multi-twist Band by UMF3D Oct 30, 2017