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Monoprice Select Jog Dial by Invictvs 3 days ago
Lack Enclosure by rakeyser 3 days ago
GUST - i3 print cooler (Plus, v2.1, maybe others?) by WaveSupportApparatus 4 days ago
Extruder Cold End 40mm Fan Shroud for Monoprice Maker Select v2.1 by xyzaxis 5 days ago
Z-AXIS REAR MOUNT Extensions with Spacers by kehlebracht Oct 16, 2017
Wanhao i3 ATX PSU Upgrade by grantemsley Oct 13, 2017
MakerSelect / Wanhao i3 - V2.1 - Sweep Fan (40mm Extruder Fan) by BrewHouse Oct 10, 2017
E3D V6 Duplicator Plus by malxholden Oct 9, 2017
E3D Direct Mount for Wanhao Di3 by abitidi Oct 7, 2017
Cocoon Create Fan Cover/Spacers (Remix) by TJE Oct 7, 2017
Maker select v2 / wanhao duplicator controller stand by ErikRL Oct 5, 2017
Fan Duct for Wanhao i3 Duplicator, Monoprice Maker Select, and Cocoon Create by rawlogic Oct 4, 2017