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Fully functional model rocket by abarry 1 day ago
Prusa i3 improved X ends for brass TR8 / T8 nuts (anti-backlash nuts supported) by Pwuts 3 days ago
Peon230 Camera Support by ramonmelo Nov 11, 2017
HicWic dragknife by jhitesma Oct 24, 2017
Vase Tutorial - Intro to CAD for 3D printing by idig3d Oct 16, 2017
E-Flite Opterra Simple FPV Backpack/Pod by Catseyeguy Oct 15, 2017
Titan Aero and BLTouch Mount for Makerfarm Pegasus by gregington Oct 8, 2017
iStick Pico stand by brainwash Oct 6, 2017
A (very) Simple Shone stand by Matthew813 Sep 28, 2017
Minimalistic easy-to-print 48T chainguard by brainwash Sep 26, 2017
Spool holder (modular) base/clamp (for CTC and others) by brainwash Sep 19, 2017
Spool holder (modular) by brainwash Sep 19, 2017