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2d_points: generate 2D shapes as arrays of points in OpenSCAD by sadr0b0t 2 hrs ago
Inflatable Pool Cap and Plug by xyzaxis 16 hrs ago
TOMTOM ONE GPS Third Edition Universal Automotive Vent Mount by sevanteenth 1 day ago
Salt shaker, logo of Pass The SALT 2018 by doegox 1 day ago
Crazy Text by Clausevic 2 days ago
Print Text on Fabric by onebeartoe 2 days ago
Squirt Nozzle Hose Adapter for Wound Irrigation by gchristopher 4 days ago
Base Plate to mount Heatbed Mosfet & ATC fuses by GeoDave 4 days ago
Pi & MKS Gen 1.4 & LCD2004 Controller Case by GeoDave 4 days ago
HyperCube Z axis Alignment Tool V2 by lar3ry 5 days ago
Parametric Bearing by kevfquinn 5 days ago
Parametric Protection Ring for Bottle Opener by Bikecyclist 5 days ago