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Uniformly interleaved decorative knots by kitwallace 1 hr ago
Snowflake Doorstop - Customizable by fsp 18 hrs ago
Customizable Origami Moose by mightynozzle 18 hrs ago
Customisable Filament Spool Holder by ChiefSwiftNick 22 hrs ago
Shelf Sign by AndreasO73 1 day ago
Adjustable Z-Leveling for Anet E10 by 3D_Corpsman 2 days ago
Snappy the Robot (openscad) by adanadhel 2 days ago
Marker Clip by adanadhel 2 days ago
Customizable Origami Rose by mightynozzle 2 days ago
Customizable fisher price cash register coin by makkuro 3 days ago
Jam glass thread / sprouting can lid / stand by Inhumierer 3 days ago
Random Snowflake Generator 2.0 by Fiore9 3 days ago