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Parametric adapter for parasol base by egil 1 hr ago
Minicute (vertical mouse) mousewheel axis by srepmub 14 hrs ago
arduino uno holder on openbeam 2040 by rsiripong 23 hrs ago
Smaller Custom Captioned Fidget Spinner (Dual Extrusion) by edonnelly 1 day ago
Face - proof of concept by JustinSDK 1 day ago
Simple, fast and sturdy compartment crate - Customizeable! by bbales 2 days ago
Pegboard by baberone 2 days ago
Parametric cable strain relief for extruder by backboots 2 days ago
Ferrite bead anti pull out cone by ospalh 2 days ago
685 bearing flat cap by ospalh 2 days ago
Personalizable Ball Fidget Spinner by sludtke42 2 days ago
OnePlus 3 Case by potater 3 days ago