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Reusable Apple Mighty Mouse bottom ring by PistonPin 5 days ago
45 Raptor Magazine insert and follower by DavrosJr55 6 days ago
Hinge, parametric/customizable by AndreyBezrukov 6 days ago
Discount Smart Controller for making cases with by blkhawk 6 days ago
Stl_Import by Inubana Jun 22, 2017
10mm Rod Bracket for Tech2C Spool Holder by superjamie Jun 21, 2017
SMT Strip Feeder by TuxSoft Jun 21, 2017
GeeTech i3 pro C y belt holder by ospalh Jun 21, 2017
openSCAD Parametric cart release tool - change size of disk - or anything else - as needed, with text by brasshopper Jun 21, 2017
USB A cover by llegoff Jun 20, 2017
12 oz Beverage Cooler (with 'lock' ring) by Belfry Jun 19, 2017
Plot Function library for OpenSCAD, with Cartesian, Polar, and Axial coordinates by rcolyer Jun 18, 2017