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Ikea Door Handle by pekcitron 1 day ago
PanoBot Tripod Mount Generator by Mindfab 2 days ago
Animated Parametric Tap Wrench by Ken_Applications 2 days ago
Parametric Bearing (Fully Printable) by joekeur 3 days ago
Shop Vac Angled Adapter (Parametric) by pekcitron 3 days ago
Parametric tile holder for boardgame tiles by satanin 4 days ago
Snowflake Doorstop - Customizable by fsp 4 days ago
Customizable fisher price cash register coin by makkuro 6 days ago
Parametric circuit board mount by Ken_Applications Jan 16, 2018
Cover for Future electronic's Creative board (Microsemi SmartFusion2 / Igloo2, blue and yellow boards) by truhlik_fredy Jan 14, 2018
Configurable index card holder by makkuro Jan 14, 2018
parametric house by ghostridersih Jan 14, 2018