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Customizable Handle for workshop by Ken_Applications 4 hrs ago
Parametric Prusa i3 Stabilizer kit (Part 2) by projunk 1 day ago
Gravity Well Spinning Top by gringer 3 days ago
Customizable Terminal Strip cover by Ken_Applications 3 days ago
Parametric motorcycle/bicycle handlebar watch mount by justinschmitt 4 days ago
Parametric magnetic micro wire clip by truhlik_fredy 4 days ago
Parametric mobile phone shelf clip by terahurts 4 days ago
Customizable Flexible Cutting Mat by troseph 5 days ago
Nexus 6 Wallet Case - Customizable by christian_p 5 days ago
IBM System 360 and 370 mainframe computer console pushbutton insert by 1944GPW 6 days ago
Spinphoresis - Spinning Water Electrophoresis by gringer Dec 7, 2017
ZHAW Soap Dish / Sponge Holder by spencer Dec 5, 2017