Things tagged with 'parametric'

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Hinge, parametric/customizable by AndreyBezrukov 23 hrs ago
Parametric Potentiometer knob by Mirkoengineer 1 day ago
openSCAD Parametric cart release tool - change size of disk - or anything else - as needed, with text by brasshopper 4 days ago
Abstract Boat Balancing Game by gringer 5 days ago
Advanced Parametric Eurorack Panel by Skeyelab 5 days ago
Full parametric Laptop stand for Laser cut by rafmongelos 5 days ago
Parametric Teetotum by Meshtush 5 days ago
parametric gearbox module v3 by trzeci 6 days ago
Planetary Spool Holder and collars by gordonendersby 6 days ago
Large Parametric Bubble Wand by BalinTech Jun 18, 2017
Customizable (parametric) coin sorter by WRonX Jun 17, 2017
Filament Spool Holder by gringer Jun 15, 2017