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Flexing AA Battery Holders with Integrated Spring by Heliox 2 days ago
Parametric Tube Container by mildmojo 3 days ago
Springy Spool Hub (customizable) by mmone 5 days ago
Tightly packed bottle tray by ospalh 5 days ago
Perpendulum by gringer 6 days ago
Parametric spinner in Fusion360 by jsc 6 days ago
Parametric Crate by calebhsu May 18, 2017
Parametric Flower by calebhsu May 17, 2017
Hex Spanner Wrench Fidget Spinner - Customisable by motherfucker May 17, 2017
Cubes Soma by 7clem May 16, 2017
parametric gearbox module v2 by trzeci May 14, 2017
Parametric Pulley DXF by geobruce May 12, 2017