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Pusheen Planter by rbuckhoff 2 days ago
Volkswagen Golf GTI - Low Poly Planter by TK3DPrinting 2 days ago
Minimalist Self watering Planter by rikesh_dhirajlal 2 days ago
Plant Tags - German by spamdorado 2 days ago
Plant Tag - Jalapeño by spamdorado 3 days ago
Easy to print necklace vase + small grid by Gophy 4 days ago
Succulent Planter by craeen 5 days ago
Planter Box by FakeDecoy 5 days ago
Warped Hexa Planter by Yufu 5 days ago
Bush / shrub plant for gloomhaven by Zamukito May 18, 2017
Upcycle Jar Greenhouse by Milhooz May 15, 2017
Modular Geometric Planters - Boxzy by ChrisFerenceID May 14, 2017