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Axe Pin! by WildRoseBuilds 3 days ago
Giant Spider by fred05072014 3 days ago
Slurm Keychain! (futurama) by WildRoseBuilds 3 days ago
Fidget Roller (rolling stick toy) by WildRoseBuilds 4 days ago
S-360-12 Power Supply Stand by HCSII 6 days ago
LCD Case for Printrbot Simple Metal by HCSII 6 days ago
Printrbot Filament Spool Guide Adaper by ignoblegnome Jun 16, 2017
Printrbot fan mount (details in description) by DMC3d_and_more Jun 14, 2017
Pen holding tab for any pen/pencil and any notebook/notepad by WildRoseBuilds Jun 12, 2017
Flexion Printrbot Simple Metal Adapter by Mcl0vin Jun 6, 2017
XZ block for printrbot smalls by CudaEngineering Jun 3, 2017
Printrbot 2kg spool adapter by KFix May 30, 2017