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Dagoma C'est plus Fort que toi ... by pierrehenribarbe 2 days ago
Hedgehog in the cage (Ježek v kleci) by svenny 3 days ago
Wits End / Eureka Puzzle by wepollock 4 days ago
Snake cube by samyp 5 days ago
La Cerradura Doble - sliding key puzzle by mareklew May 20, 2017
Green Slidey Puzzle Box by dragoon88 May 19, 2017
Clip-on Building Blocks by Heliox May 17, 2017
5x5 Hexagonal Prism Twisty Puzzle (Printed Extensions Only, No Cutting Required) by Sterminare May 14, 2017
ABOW Shih Tzu 3d Dog Puzzle by Abitowhit May 9, 2017
China dragon by PredatorUFO May 6, 2017
Impossible Dovetail Puzzle Box by RWReese May 6, 2017
3D puzzle - UNC Campus by alexag May 5, 2017