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Lightpainting: Modular RGB Light Pen by RyusLightworks 6 days ago
Simple 30x30 LED ring for Quadcopter / Drone by bluem6 Jun 7, 2017
360 Degree LED Indicator with WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 by clough42 Jun 3, 2017
RGB LED Remote Holder by humzasiddiq May 23, 2017
RGB LED Fidget Spinner by FoolsDelight May 14, 2017
O-Light d8cm by FabLab-Berlin May 11, 2017
ULTiM8x8 modular, no-solder, RGB LED half cube by jasoncoon May 10, 2017
PX4 RGB by memmop May 7, 2017
Led Strip RGB suport for Quad 250 by pedroamz Apr 25, 2017
CUBE LED with Neopixel Matrix panels WS2812. by IeC Apr 20, 2017
3x3 Matrix LED Matrix grid for diffuser by PlatinumFusionTechnology Apr 5, 2017
High Power RGB LED Model by blondofblargh Mar 9, 2017